Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My google map

Sorry but I had a little trouble inserting the pictures but I finally completed it (yay) drum roll...

View some places I been to overseas. in a larger map

Malaysia: I visit my grandparents and my father's friends during Chinese New Year or during the holidays.

Australia: I went there when I was little with my family and my cousins, I can only remember myself playing in the theme park.

Japan: I went there with my family in 2011 December for the holidays, we visited many high places including Mt. Fuji even though we couldn't go too high because of the snow.

China: It was a school trip with my Chinese schoolmates we visited many popular places.

my digital collage...

Click here to go to my digital collage. But if you must know the exact address here it is: (yeah kinda long)

Friday, 25 November 2011

my experience while I was creating this blog

I had a hard time making this blog as I couldn't think of the perfect URL for my blog, the picture was hard to find 
too as i guessed many would use the same picture and the same reason. Blogging can be part of our learning experience as it involves the use of technology and we can discuss about work online at any time.

I felt really happy because I got admitted into my dream school, and during that long wait for that 
result to appear, I was very scared. So this picture describes me the best as i was really happy 
that time.